A Chance Encounter

My Cabinet of Curiosities, my Kunstkabinett, my Wunderkammer; A Renaissance idea, still valid today, of personal oddities of the world that reflect the ideas of the curator.

Collected from my travels through time and space
From all corners of the world, I have assimilated personal objects of desire, power, absurdity, intrinsic beauty, shamanistic relevance and spiritual appeal.

I have traversed the globe to collect them in flea markets, bazaars, wilderness, holy places and antique shops.

Sites include India, Nepal, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Indonesia, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Belize, Niger, Morocco, South Africa and every corner of Europe and America.

Together I hope to create a river of collective unconsciousness that immerses us all in surreal of what we all share.

A Chance Encounter where perhaps no such occurrence exists.