Mendelson Gallery was established in 1980. It is housed in a 19th century former bordello that was purchased from the IRS at auction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mendelson also shares a gallery space in Paris.
Mendelson started by showing his own works and added emerging European and American artists found on his many travels around the world.
Not Vital, Patrick Hughes, Emil Lukas, Keith Haring, Vik Muniz, David Lewis and Paolo Buggiani had some of their first shows in the United States at Mendelson Gallery.
Established artists like Mapplethorpe, Keiffer, Beuys, Man Ray, Rauschenburg, Chamberlain  and Bourgeois have incongruously adorned his walls, along with good local talent. In addition, artifacts from all corners of the world can be found accenting his eclectic collection.
Steven Mendelson has worn many hats in the past. He juggled in the streets of Paris, wrote for various publications, was animatuer at Club Med, a saddhu in India and continues to work on his autobiographical novel.